Troubleshooting battery machines

elite series machines

[ freedom, liberty, one, two, three ]

Ball Jam
balls won’t shoot

machine won’t charge
machine won’t turn on
machine only runs a short time

Feed: 2 Flashing Green Lights
ball feed is not working

Server Motor: 3 or 4 Flashing Green Lights
top or bottom server motor error message

elevation is not moving up or down

Sweep: 5 Flashing Green Lights
horizontal oscillation or sweep is not working

Error Messages
error messages

2-Line Function (elite three only)
2-line function doesn’t work

Vertical Oscillation (elite two & elite three only)
vertical oscillation isn’t working

Transport Wheel
transport wheel won’t turn

Folding Handle Will Not Go Up or Down
folding handle is broken

Remote Control
remote control is not working

Replacement Part Instructions
feed motor
server wheel
control panel
remote control
server motor
folding handle
elevation motor on elite series

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