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  • Elite 2-function remote control
    Gain greater control of your training regimen with the battery 2-function elite remote. It controls both the feed and the sweep.

 This option may be installed by the owner after purchase. Or individuals may ship their machine to Lobster for a factory authorized upgrade. Compatible with elit..
  • Elite-10 remote control
    The elite10 is like no other remote we have developed—compact, versatile, and affordable. Easily control the many features found on our elite two and elite three models, including the ball speed, ball spin, elevation, feed and random oscillation. The remote must be factor..
  • Elite-10 remote for Apple®
    The elite10 remote for Apple is available with the purchase of an elite two or elite three ball machine and consists of a factory installed wi-fi receiver plus the free Lobster elite remote control app available for download at the App Store.  Our prop..
  • Fast Charger
    1-amp fast charger. Fast charger for lobster tennis ball machines. Features a dynamic new fast charger that will get your lobster elite ready and fully charged in four hours or less. ​   ​   ..
  • Grand 20-function remote control
    Best for Lobster Elite Grand 4, Elite Grand 5 /5LE, Phenom (Club), Phenom (Club) 2.   ..
  • Grand remote for Android®
    This proprietary remote control system consists of a factory installed Bluetooth enabled remote control receiver, along with the Lobster Remote Control app available for download on your smartphone. This Android remote control Bluetooth system allows you to use your Android device as the controller ..