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Tennis is an Investment in both time and money. 

The Phenom brings never before seen features into an unbelievably affordable package. Truly random oscillation gives your practice time the edge... a revolutionary, truly random oscillation mixes up the speed, spin, depth, and court location in a manner that never, ever repeats itself. Add in triple oscillation, six pre-programmed drills, random feed, random 3 line function, optional 20-function remote, iPhone remote control, or Android remote control and you have a tennis machine that can go toe to toe with most any player out there. 

The Phenom 2 outperforms other tennis ball machines costing thousands of dollars for half the price. Imagine a high-end, cutting-edge ball machine with fully programmable, savable drills, 18 shot locations to choose from, twelve pre-programmed drills, random oscillation that mixes up speed, depth, and spin, random feed, random 2 line oscillation, random spin, random depth oscillation... High performance doesn't have to break the bank. The better you practice, the more you improve your tennis game. Practice better and become phenomenal! 

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  • CLUB
    The CLUB is also equipped with 6 pre-loaded, six shot drills that simulate the most popular styles of play - grinder, all courter, power baseliner, moonballer, slicer, and lefty. These incredible drills mix up speed, spin, feed rate, and trajectory preparing you to dominate your competitors. Th..
    Lobster Sports' innovation continues with the release of the new phenom two electric club series ball machine. The CLUB TWO offers superior functionality and performance at a price unequalled in the industry. The phenom two is the best tennis ball machine in our product line..