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  • Elite 2-function remote control
    Gain greater control of your training regimen with the battery 2-function elite remote. It controls both the feed and the sweep.

 This option may be installed by the owner after purchase. Or individuals may ship their machine to Lobster for a factory authorized upgrade. Compatible with elit..
  • Fast Charger
    1-amp fast charger. Fast charger for lobster tennis ball machines. Features a dynamic new fast charger that will get your lobster elite ready and fully charged in four hours or less. ​ CHRISTMAS SALE! FREE WITH Lobster Elite Liberty, Lobster Elite 1, Lobster Elite 2, Lobster Elite 3 ..
  • Grand 20-function remote control
    Best for Lobster Elite Grand 4, Elite Grand 5 /5LE, Phenom (Club), Phenom (Club) 2. CHRISTMAS SALE! FREE WITH Lobster Elite Grand 4 and Lobster Elite Grand 5 LE ..
  • Grand 20-function remote control + iPhone app
    For customers seeking the option to use the remote for iPhone along with the more traditional, hand-held controller, you can now have the best of both worlds. The remote for iPhone can be used in combination with the grand remote giving you the unique choice of using ei..
  • Lobster cover
    Heavy-duty, lined, fabric elite storage cover protects your machine from the elements, as well as from dust and moisture when in storage. CHRISTMAS SALE! FREE WITH Lobster Elite 1, Lobster Elite 2, Lobster Elite 3. ..
  • Speed track X (sports rader)
    An incredible full featured and affordable sports radar. Radar clocks speeds to 150 mph or 199 km/h (selectable). Portable company design is easy to carry anywhere. Large red 2-1/1” digital LED numbers display your speed. Has speed recall feature for last recorded speed. Weighs only 1.1 lbs. (50g) –..
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